Outstanding yet simple magic of APSS:

APSS panel, when connected to the electrical network will dramatically reduce the amperage (kWh, kVA, and kVAr ), as well as increase the power factor close to unity.

How APSS does this magic!

APSS is equiped with capacitors that have been put through the process of an Ionic treatment, with a combination of special components and resources, which creates:

  • Superconductivity removing impurities anddefects in the cabling network.
  • Negative resistance, which acts as a power source to the electric network.

APSS Achieves the following:

Power consumption reduced:

APSS will reduce power consumption, without affecting the electrical load of the machines, by a minimum of 20%. In some cases the reduction achieved was above 40%.

Harmonics minimized:

APSS reduces the harmonics in an electrical network by using passive filters. Harmonics are generated by equipment using semiconductor control devices, such as inverters, cause the power quality to decrease. Also, power consumed in harmonic components is all wasted power.

Circuit performance and voltage stabiliser:

APSS improves the circuit performance by decreasing table resistance and magnetic flux. This saves any voltage drop and power loss in the circuit and minimises any electrical losses, thus acting as a stabiliser.

Power Factor improvement:

APSS induces the Power Factor to bring it close to unity, i.e. it reaches up to 0.99.

Reduce power consumption by a minimum of 25%

Using the APSS will reduce power consumption without affecting the electrical load of the machines. The two factors responsible for this dramatic reduction in electricity consumption from the source:
For more technical description you may download this pdf file