About Us

Ranges for power saving is a company which has a partnership with the international company Basant tec in Syria with the objective of providing energy saving solutions to industrial and commercial sectors.

Our Mission

With the excessive needs for energy, the limited power resources became the main problem that pushed scientists to work hard on finding solutions for energy saving, and many engineering institutes, labs, and research agencies are working hard in the same direction as well.

  • As known, all electrical equipments that operate with ac current consume two types of power: First: Active Power measured by KW
  • Second: Reactive Power measured by KVAR
  • In the eighties of the last century, we knew the Power Factor Correction panels (PFC).
  • The function of the PFC is based on adding capacitor banks relative to the load requirements which makes the client profits from not paying the penalties.

Today, our Company is presenting in the market its unique APSS (Active Power Saving System) panels (Basant Tech.)

  • APSS is the result of 15 years of researches and modifications in the field of the energy saving.
  • APSS when was applied lately added a new economical value as it reduced the amount of consumed active power and hence reduced the cost of the