Why Power Saving?

1 The amount of the monthly electricity invoices. ASPU saves from 20% to 40% over the consumed active power without affecting the load, therefore saves the same percentage over the electrical invoices amounts.
2 The insufficient efficiency of the power factor correction panels. APSU achieves the best power factor relative to the load = 0.99%.
3 The increase of the power consumption in the peak intervals ASPU minimizes the increase of the power consumption in the peak intervals by achieving more saving proportional to the load demands as it brings more phases into operation automatically.
4 The increase of the different types of losses (thermal……) APSU decreases the consumed current from the source (without decreasing the load current) which leads to the losses decreases in the network.
5 Voltage drop APSU acts to a certain extent as a voltage stabilizer.
6 The presence of harmonics which adds losses and causes troubles in the network APSU treats in most of the applications the harmonics without adding more components to the network.
7 The unbalance of the loads that leads to the increase of the current that goes through the neutral cable. APSU balances the network loads therefore minimizes the current going through the neutral cable.
8 The repetition of the troubles due to the different problems of the network APSU improves the network efficiency and leads to have a clean, clear and stable network.
9 The obligation of buying additional electrical power when the network is saturated and there is a need for adding more loads. APSS allows the client to use the saved energy for load increase within the saved range without adding more devices or buying more power from the electricity authority.